GameMakerTech Issue 8 Released

on October 28, 2007 - 2872 Views

Reverting back to monthly publication didn’t go well for GameMakerTech.

Anyway, issue 8 is finally here now.

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10 Responses to GameMakerTech Issue 8 Released

  1. Phil Gamble says:

    Simple minds can only judge quantity.
    BTW, Robin came up with the ‘Play’ and ‘Make’ names.

  2. gamez93 says:

    A nice idea, but it will be better if both magazines were to merge, and then work together on a magazine called ‘Play and Make’ which was a nice name suggested by Phil’s idea. Also I am surpised that some people are upset about quantity of articles, as we go for quantity and quality.

  3. Phil Gamble says:

    A very interesting idea

  4. Rusky says:


    they should merge but still make both magazines.

  5. Robin Monks says:

    It would save a lot of overlap 🙂

  6. Eyas Sharaiha says:

    We’d like? Who said anything about we? 😛

    Though the idea sounds creative, methinks.

  7. Robin Monks says:

    Yeah, we’d like to have MarkUp be renamed “Game Maker Make Magazine”, and GMTech be “Game Maker Play Magzine”. It would give both mags a much better user base, and, we’d be able to contribute to each other yet keep the same editorial staff.


  8. Robin Monks says:

    It’s the wal-mart method to magazine writing 🙂

  9. gamez93 says:

    Tuntis thanks again for your comments.

  10. tuntis says:

    And it was quantity over quality again. Bad spellchecking and probably the worst writers I’ve ever seen (not to mention such bad subjects).

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