GMB 6 months on

Yesterday GameMakerBlog reached 6 months online. 6 months in which I have spouted my views and opinion about YoYoGames, GameMaker and more often than not its community of users. 6 months in which GameMakerBlog has gone from nothing to slightly more than nothing. There have been over 150 posts, over 750 comments, and lots of arguments and controversy.

Before there was just me but I’ve welcomed along several regular commentators and more recently Grego and tuntis have started to write for GameMakerBlog – here’s to the next 6 months, and a lot more after that as well I hope!

Below are links to the most popular, and some of my favourite posts from the last 6 months.

Most viewed posts:

*frustrating thieves is fun
Posts with most comments:

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