Deja vu?

on August 26, 2007 - 7237 Views

Time to pick another game maker video site to fall out with.

Reviewing content created in “Mark Owenmars” GameMaker game development platform are “Game Maker Helpers Videos(GMHV) Video Reviews !!:!!!!”

I think I found someone with a worse microphone than me!

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22 Responses to Deja vu?

  1. Grego says:


    Seriously nate, don’t bother. It’ll just be another fascinating flop!

  2. MeMeMe says:

    At first I thought it was GMTV, but now I know that GMTV and GMHV are separate. I was confused.

  3. Nateistoraw says:

    lol, I have made a new video. I think its better to just subscribe to my youtube channel, because the video I just uploaded, actually allows you to see the code.

  4. Eyas Sharaiha says:

    Uh.. we’re not from GMTV.. some of us (tuntis, say hi) actually hate GMTV, while others don’t mind it (ehem), others like it (Phil), and others own it (Dan). We’re pretty versatile.

    And it is really sad that you made your friend IM you.. that’s more embarassing than having someone IM you by mistake.

  5. Robin Monks says:

    Unless you use DivX. And, of course the video hosting site will make it terrible to fit it in flash, so, all your hard work goes wasted.

  6. Nateistoraw says:

    okay great, but the better the quality the BIGGER THE FILE.

  7. Phil Gamble says:

    Nateistoraw, we are not from the GMTV, only Danny is. Although I do have

  8. Nateistoraw says:

    I know the nerve of myself, I have made all the videos a full 98 mb, so I hope you all enjoy the quality now, because thats the only way it can look good.

  9. Rusky says:

    sheesh. that guy needs to care about his work.

  10. Nateistoraw says:

    I am working on that now, also part 3 is a tip of the momemt, and has no gm content. I am working on episode 2.

  11. tuntis says:

    Another piece of crap by everybody’s friend, Nateistoraw! He should learn to do some editing to make it so that we could actually see what he’s doing in the video instead of just showing his whole screen.

  12. Nateistoraw says:

    Ello, I am not a noob!!! Also most of the stuff you listed was part of the video!!!! I made my friend im me on purpose to show that we’re interactive. Also are you all from the GMTV, because they have 0 content, can’t we all just get alone?

  13. Robin Monks says:

    Heh, leave it to a n00b to unite the troops 😛

  14. gamez93 says:

    I took a look at these before and wow, they were bad – are the videos down now for anyone else

  15. Danny says:

    I promise you gmtv will never NEVERR look lik this

  16. Phil Gamble says:

    OMG, it continues at an alarming pace

  17. Phil Gamble says:

    Yeahy Leif, someone else who makes use of the ‘+’ sign when posting their email address.

  18. Leif902 says:

    That was… interesting. I love the fact that someone signed onto Windows Live Messenger half way through the video! Great voice though.

  19. BlaXun says:


  20. BlaXun says:

    wtf…now that was…emberassing…kinda nobish….so…unprofessional…its scary.

    Please, dont follow this mad plan…it scares me Q__Q

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