War of words?

on August 24, 2007 - 4375 Views

Revel Games’ GM TV.

Ahh, we can see the professionalism with which the project is being undertaken, already multiple missed deadlines and now a very helpful video insulting this site.

I guess that rules out any future collaboration with Danny whom I had been chatting to recently. Let’s hope he doesn’t decide to use clips of my tutorials at the end of his show anymore, although I expect he will be along soon to announce that they are all crap and he wasn’t going to use them anyway.

The Gamemaker community, where would we be without it?

Incidentally there is another project called GameMaker.tv already out there, with videos that are actually already online and don’t insult anybody, and hey – it’s mine and not Danny Eggers’.

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14 Responses to War of words?

  1. Fake blood says:

    […] Except of course it wasn’t the first video to emerge, remember Drip Drop, LEAK and the following posts? […]

  2. AKH says:

    So what if the GMTV is losing, nate? it’s not like anyone likes the GMHV either. They both suck.

  3. Nateistoraw says:

    the gmtv is losing!

  4. Deja vu? says:

    […] to pick another game maker video site to fall out […]

  5. Danny says:

    I did GMTV I’m not really going by gamemaker tv GMTV is piratically the same but still

  6. Rusky says:

    how about you think of a new name too? he’s had gamemaker.tv for forever.

  7. Danny says:

    Mabey i should give hope because all hope was lost anyway…

    To gamemaker Blog sorry about the video and I was planning on using your tutorials but wont now that you don’t want me too I’m deleting the video now.

  8. Grego says:

    Maybe GMking should stick to what they’re currently doing so well…

    And maybe GMTV should give up now…

  9. Phil Gamble says:

    Markup TV is a bit ambitious when the podcast only managed two(???) episodes.

  10. Phil Gamble says:

    gmkingbook, gmkingtube and gmkingoogle are my favourite sites

  11. Phil Gamble says:

    haha, I did ask Eyas but he said no.

  12. tuntis says:


    Oh come on “Philly”, you’re all “esh diggs” now, make him do it

  13. Eyas says:

    and don’t forget.. GMkingTech 😉

  14. Eyas says:

    I won’t do it.. simply for two reasons:
    1. it would suck if I do it
    2. oh.. just 1 reason 😛

    But seriously though, should GMking.org make competition for everything out there?

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