Book Story: Pt. 1

on November 2, 2007 - 3408 Views

I walk to the mail box to find a orange-red-white paper slip. It reads “DHL Express”.

You have received a DHL package

We were unable to deliver your DHL package. According to the contract, we can only release the package to the owner for a signature, and we were unable to reach the recipient. To arrange a convenient delivery or if you prefer to pick up your shipment from one of our service points, go to DHL’s web site: -> Useful Tools -> New delivery date / change of address. Fill in the required information. You may also call our Customer Service by dialling 030 45 345, and selecting 4.

Guess what part I had to translate myself from the Finnish text, because it was cut from the English one?

Wait for updates!

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8 Responses to Book Story: Pt. 1

  1. gamez93 says:

    You could of mentioned that in the actual blog post, since i had no clue what you were talking about.

  2. tuntis says:

    …because it has something to do with a free book offer by a GM magazine?

  3. gamez93 says:

    And this is about GM, because….

  4. tuntis says:

    No, they simply ran out of space on the slip while printing the English text, resorting to cut a sentence or two.

    It came in the right language, and I simply thought it’d be better if I wouldn’t post Finnish in the blog.

  5. Phil Gamble says:

    I’m confused – the slip was in the wrong language?

  6. tuntis says:

    Nope, a certain part of the non-italicised part.

  7. bendodge says:

    I guess the non-italicised and quoted part.

  8. Robin Monks says:

    Tuntis is complaining they shipped it via a carrier, and now he needs to go pick it up 😉

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