GM-Resources looking for new owner

on September 22, 2009 - 5219 Views

James Rhodes from Roket Games is looking to sell The website features a resource search that utilises (or steals depending on your viewpoint) content posted on the official Game Maker Community.

There is also a multi-site game search and the world map of Game Maker Community users.

“Due to financial issues, I may have to let go the Game Maker Resources domain in the near future. Ideally I’d like to sell the service and domain rather than just let someone else take over the domain (which would cause confusion to the people who still use it).”
– James Rhodes

If you are interested in taking over the site you can drop James a PM at the GMC.

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17 Responses to GM-Resources looking for new owner

  1. […] the announcement that the site was up for sale a number of Game Maker groups including GMVision and Game Maker Station expressed an interest in […]

  2. Mattthew_H says:

    Reading your writing, that has done me and I’m sure NAL harm. We may even have a laughing-attack-at-the-morn, which is very serious in may cases.

    Anyway, I hope that James finds someone who can continue to host and maintain it.

  3. NAL says:

    “What is your asking price for the site?”
    “I am too busy loving America to want that site anyway.”

    Can’t beat a bit of comedy.

    On a similar note, I’m surprised the Americans of the Game Maker world aren’t trying to get you deported. You give the place a bad name to non-Americans like me.

    On a relevant-to-the-blog-entry note, I’m not interested in buying the site but I hope James gets an offer he’s happy with (seems it’s already happened).

  4. ProdigyGM says:

    I am not going to beg a douchebag to buy a site that makes less profits then I already do now. Also, Matthew H and NAL you all need to stop the hatred towards me. I have done you all no harm.

  5. Mattthew_H says:

    Your an idiot. You wouldn’t pay $20 for it? 1. You don’t have that kind of money. 2. If you did, you where putting it under consideration.

  6. James Rhodes says:

    I’m not a begger. In fact, I have quite a few people interested.

    (I have actually pretty much decided who will get it at this point, if they continue to be interested that is :P)

  7. ProdigyGM says:

    then Screw you James Rhodes, I wouldn’t pay $20 for it anyway.

    Beggers should never be choosey.

    I am too busy loving America to want that site anyway.

  8. James Rhodes says:

    Highest bidder who I also determine can maintain and improve the site. e.g. ProdigyGM wouldn’t get it even if they offered me $200 for it..

  9. Caniac says:

    Jonathan and I were considering buying the domain (we wrote him a PM a few minutes after this post was out), he replied basically saying that the highest bidder wins, but hes asking a minimum of 50 AUD.

  10. ProdigyGM says:

    lmfao, screw you Rohan!

  11. Rohan says:

    Yeah, Brad is right. No selling it to ProdigyGM.

  12. Brad says:

    I hope you don’t sell it too cheap, or else some noob will pick it up and it wont be maintained very good.

  13. James, Read you GMC inbox.

  14. Brad says:

    Yea, if people consider it “stealing”, then they are calling Google a thief as well. Are you using PHP to crawl the GMC?

  15. ProdigyGM says:

    What is your asking price for the site?

  16. James Rhodes says:

    Yes. The bot which scans the GMC is not automatic however, and you’ll need to run it on your local machine as it can take sometime. It only needs to be updated every few months though. If you are interested in using it however, you’ll need to contact the administrators at the GMC to get permission again.

  17. James Rhodes says:

    Steals? I don’t mirror any of the files that are linked on the GMC as that was part of the agreement with the GMC administrators at the time. I index resources in a similar way that Google indexes webpages.

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