YYG Instant Play now Fx3.6 & GM8 Compatible

on April 21, 2010 - 3253 Views

After several months of community impatience (Game Maker 8 is four months old tomorrow, Firefox 3.6 several months itself), YoYo Games has finally updated their Instant Play engine to work for both. Internet Explorer should have its IP engine for Game Maker 8 up and running tomorrow, as reported by Sandy on the glog. However, some games made in Game Maker 8 may require a reupload to get working with Instant Play (though, as he said, make sure you don’t do this to competition entries or they’ll be disqualified).

Also mentioned is that compatibility for browers Google Chrome and Opera are planned, but may not be for a while due to other priorities within the company.

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  2. GM8 games can now be played on Firefox 3.6 via YYG’s new InstantPlay « Game Maker Log says:

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  3. Waiting for the first person who reuploads their competition entry.

  4. Bjarno Vikus says:

    Can’t wait for the chrome-version =)

  5. GameMakerAddict says:

    I can’t wait for the Opera port. That will be so nice, playing without switching browsers.

    • Caniac says:

      I don’t use opera, but I agree, the more broswers they support, the more people (like me and you) that don’t use lamestream browsers will use their site. I just download the games, I refuse to use IE or FF to instant play them.

      note to FF fans: If you wish to discuss browser wars with me, PM me or email me.

    • GameMakerAddict says:

      Edit: I just tried playing a game in both IE and FF and neither of them work!! This is ridiculous.

    • Oh, I should probably have mentioned that Sandy also stated some GM8-made games might require a reupload to work with Instant Play. Will edit that in now.

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