New Magazine: Nikc-Nack

on April 24, 2010 - 4305 Views

Half an hour or so before the release of Overbyte Issue 3 a new Game Maker magazine chose an unfortunate time to launch their first issue (~1MB pdf link).

Nikc-Nack’s Magazine is a Nikc-Nack Games Project, made to bring you the latest Game Maker news, scoops and reviews!

The magazine features three game reviews, a look at a sprite resources website, brief Instant Play related news and a Photoshop tutorial on how to draw a door (no seriously!).

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9 Responses to New Magazine: Nikc-Nack

  1. Nikc-Nack says:

    I plan to work on an actual layout for the next issue. This issue sort-of looks like a bunch of stuff put on a page, without order. The next one will have good graphics too. Because of problems with this one, I’m really going to try hard for the next one.

  2. Frederick says:

    I was bothered by the graphics, but the content was alright. o.o

  3. SunnyKatt says:

    The link is just sending me to some weird website instead of to the PDf…

  4. Nikc-Nack says:

    Thank you for reading the magazine, we are sorry for the graphical errors but they have been fixed.
    Please read once more…

  5. Nikc-Nack says:

    I have fixed the graphical glitches and apologize for the incovienience.
    Please take time to reread the magazine if you would.

  6. Zack says:

    The images and fonts were pretty bad and the writing was dreadful. Some links didn’t work and the scoring system was somewhat biased.

    The magazine was executed poorly and seemed to be very rushed.

  7. Matt Haigh (Mattthew_H) says:

    Tad on the yucky side of things.

  8. Loaf says:

    tuntis :
    Apparently Iā€™m not very good at making doors in Photoshop.

    Thats a door?

  9. tuntis says:

    Apparently I’m not very good at making doors in Photoshop. šŸ™

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