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Yesterday was certainly a popular day for Game Maker media releases. As well as the two magazines GMIndie published a pretty good podcast discussing Game Maker issues.

The show is just over an hour long and features contributors Brian Fetcher, Kevin, Jonathan Miller, Landon Podbielski and Bret Hudson discussing various game maker community topics.

Issues discussed include: the decline of quality Game Maker games (utter rubbish!) and the lack of Game Maker media -timing not so great on this one!  The development and usage of Game Maker is also covered with mentions of the understated 3D functionalities of Game Maker, what an open source Game Maker would mean, the possibility of Game Maker for Linux (I’m pretty sure this will appear after the Mac version), Game Maker for PSP and official game maker tutorials.

It is certainly worth a listen and is a noticeable improvement over some of their live radio shows.

What do you think?

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  1. Haha, yeah, I don’t think anyone expected those releases yesterday. It was very bad timing… O_O

    Philip, their podcasts are always better… They’re pre recorded. I don’t think the GMIndie guys do so well with live broadcasts like they used to… ^^

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