GMare – Open Source Game Maker Room Editor

on February 12, 2011 - 16608 Views

Michael Mercado has released an early version of an open source alternative to the built in Game Maker room editor, GMare.

Written in C# the editor features a zoom, tile fill and many other tile features.

Admittedly this would have been much more useful if it was released months or even years back, given that internal testing of the improved room editor to be present in Game Maker 8.1 has already begun, but it is an improvement over what is currently available in Game Maker 8.

GMC discussion on usage

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7 Responses to GMare – Open Source Game Maker Room Editor

  1. SlamminSam says:

    Well done! This is great! xD

  2. Jack Hatfield says:

    This seems to have a large potential and I look forward in seeing where this goes. It does seem rather extensive to use and for this reason I think I am going to be staying with the built it editor and looking for the 8.1 update. However if this project continues I can easily see it over taking the current room editor, and I hope it does. Good luck to Michael.

  3. Elmernite says:

    Anyone know were the source code can be found?


  4. Blok says:

    Nice; not sure how it works though.

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