Mr Karoshi Links and Competitions

There have been some delays with the Android release of Mr Karoshi but plenty of press around YoYo Games’ latest iPhone title.

  • iPhoneGamerUK have posted a walkthrough of the first 20 Mr Karoshi levels. Though it is the later levels which are the hardest!
  • In their review of the game touchArcade are critical of the on-screen buttons used to control the main character.

    “unfortunately there is a huge drawback to the game which is the terrible controls. They are among the most unresponsive and finicky controls that I’ve ever encountered on iOS. Due to the puzzle-like nature of the game, they are still serviceable as you don’t always need pinpoint precision to play. But they will still frustrate you to no end. I have uttered curse words I didn’t even know existed because of the poor controls.” -TouchArcade

  • YoYo Games are currently holding some mini competitions where “Karoshi prizes” can be won. Find out more on their Facebook or Twitter accounts.

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  1. Hi it’s Ade from iPhoneGamerUk here and i now have a full 50 Level Walkthrough of Karoshi now on site.Check it out if you really do get stuck on the later levels.Also have a 5 Star review on site as well.Cheers.

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