GameMaker Studio Beta

on March 1, 2012 - 6314 Views

GameMaker: HTML5 users who purchased the software prior to to yesterday were this morning sent an email invitation to join the GameMaker:Studio beta.

Although the email was initially sent out only to those who had previously bought GameMaker HTML5 to gain access to the beta you do not need to have an account which has been used to purchase the HTML5 version. Therefore anyone can sign up to the GameMaker Studio beta here.

General release of the program, which with the inclusion of various modules, will be able to push out a single game to Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and as well as the cross platform HTML5 format is expected in March 2012. Writing on Twitter Game Maker founder Mark Overmars confirmed that those who have “bought GameMaker HTML5 will get a discount on GameMaker Studio that is considerably more than you paid.”

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11 Responses to GameMaker Studio Beta

  1. I hope this does not cost a fortune.

  2. Game Maker says:

    New interface is looking awesome.

  3. ahmad says:

    hi, how we can buy this edition?

  4. theg says:

    It is VERY ugly but otherwise thus far the Beta seems pretty cool.

  5. James says:

    Anyone else think that is really ugly?

  6. Maverick22 says:

    Yeah, I agree I have been pleasantly surprised with the android development. There were some inconsistencies where it ran in HTML5, but not on android, but it was always a mistake I made (so far). HTML5 seems to be a little more forgiving. The testing cycle is a real pleasure though.

  7. Bob_Hoil says:

    After playing around with the beta I just may have to purchase it for android development. All my tests ran very well overall. Good product so far!

  8. Elmernite says:

    I look forward to it’s release. I do hope like Mark said that GM:S will come with a discount to those who purchased GM:HTML5. Because it kinda seems like we purchased a Dead end product. Seems they intend to Roll out just GM:Studio and make it handle the HTML5 production.
    oh well, either way, I look forward to this!

    • admung says:

      Even Sandy said that we’ll be getting a discount. We’ll be getting the Windows, Mac, and HTML5 versions of Studio for free, at least.

    • NeatWolf says:

      admung :Even Sandy said that we’ll be getting a discount. We’ll be getting the Windows, Mac, and HTML5 versions of Studio for free, at least.

      What, really? For free? That’s big news, yay! \o/
      Could you please post the source of that announcement, Admung?

  9. Rex says:

    Very exciting news. Anyone know what it will cost yet?

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