Prodigy Game Magazine becomes a semi-decent publication

…with their newest issue. Featuring a new layout and some decent writing. But wait, hold your horses – do you think that our good friend Nate is responsible for this? The explanation to this seemingly miraculous event is simple: he had outside help from somebody insane enough to help him. So, here’s some bits from the stuff HCG wrote, without further ado: As  you all may  know,  I am  currently  learning  Java and C++. This Read more…

Gnazine returns… as Prodigy Game Magazine

ProdigyGM have returned with a new Game Maker Magazine. After their unsuccessful attempt with the unfortunately titled gNAZIne last year which managed just two issues. “We are not politically correct at all. We give out intense news, previews, and reviews.”

Game Maker Magazines

In the past few months we have seen the launch of a couple of new GameMaker magazines. First there was Mattthew_H’s Game Maker Magazine which released its first issue in mid-February and its second in mid-March. At the end of March we then saw the first issue of GMFetch magazine emerge with just four pages of content. I will take this opportunity to collate information about all of the recent Game Maker magazines. I will Read more…

Gnazine, Pt. 2

And gNAZIne, my Game Maker magazine of choice returns with a stunningly awesome second issue! This issue contains 12 whopping pages of quality text, and best of all, free advertisement to Markup, GMTech, GMTV and some other parties. What’s even better, there are no movie reviews in this time: just plain GM material (with the exception of a small rant, “Real web programmers use Notepad” near the end of the issue). Great effort has also Read more…

New “Game Development” magazine

Oh yes, you read that right. “Gnazine, A Game Development Magazine” which according to its creator is “no where as good as gm-tech or gmking, however it does have some themes to it”. The first article of the first (and I am 90% certain only) issue is…. something about the film Beowulf, which not related to Game Maker in anyway whatsoever. Oh dear. Let the flaming begin.