GameMaker Instant Play Decompiler

Games available via Instant Play on the YoYo Games website can now be decompiled following the release of the second version of a GameMaker decompiler authored by Clam. [Click images to view at full size]

Save Games whilst Playing Online

If, instead of downloading GameMaker games in the traditional sense, you prefer to use YoYo Games’ InstantPlay technology you might be interested to know of a recent change at GMArcade. GMArcade have updated their “Play Online” feature so that saved games are not wiped each time you restart a game. Describing the feature GMArcade admin homebrewpc wrote “Any files that have the extension .sav or whose filename starts with GMASAVE will be kept on the Read more…

Play any GMArcade game anywhere

Last week GMArcade added a new feature to their website which enables users to launch any game uploaded to their site from any other website using their “Play Online” technology. This bypasses the need for a gamer to visit the GMArcade website as games can be launched from individual team websites or even, as GMArcade suggest, the GameMaker Community. Whilst I am sure some GameMaker users will welcome this move, I fear this feature could Read more…

Fx 3.0.1 – No Instant Play (+ solution)

After making their Instant Play plugin compatible with version 3 of Firefox I don’t expect YoYo will be pleased to see that there has been a new version of Firefox released – version 3.0.1.

Instant Play now Fx 3 compatible

Finally. Sandy:  “My apologies for the prolonged delay in getting this done.”

Lack of YYG updates brings open letter

GameMaker Community member Dr. Watz0n has posted an open letter to YoYo Games on his blog. The letter states his frustrations with the lack of updates provided by YoYo Games and the broken promises that they have made to users of their GameMaker software.

GMBed: (Illegally) Embedding Games

Over the last few days there have been many posts about Free Instant Play Alternatives. As soon as TGMG posted a topic in the GMC titled ‘Gmbed :- Browser Embed Games‘ it led to the topic to be filled with many replies praising him, the system and occasionally mentioning the odd bug. The system did actually work, many test games were upload; SadBot and Hit the Ball are a couple. This was all great, however Read more… under attack

The most popular “instant play” style website besides YoYoGames, GMArcade, has been under attack and is once again looking to upgrade their servers. “First of all, I would like to apologize to you for todays downloading and online play downtime. We had someone continuously download a file over 125,000 times. This is also why the server seemed slow yesterday. The “hackers” ISP has been notified of their server abuse.” Matthew Kremer The site now contains Read more…