Why Jailbreaking and GameMaker Don’t Mix

We were reminded in March by a GameMaker Community topic that jailbroken iDevices are useless for testing iOS games made with GameMaker Studio. If you weren’t already aware, here is a recap; section 7 of the GameMaker Studio FAQ simply states that jailbroken devices can not be used, “sorry”. Jailbreaking is a process that removes software restrictions on an iOS device and gives the owner root control. This is usually an automated process achieved by Read more…


Sandy Duncan has mentioned on his blog the possibility of making Game Maker games compatible with the iHavemoremoneythansense iPhone. Apple’s recent release of an SDK for the iPhone has apparently provided YoYo Games with “lots of motivation to get on with having the runner ported to C++” which would be the first step required to get GameMaker games running on the overpriced mobile device.