Prodigy Game Magazine: Issue 4

Our good friend Hardcoregamer is back with a new issue of his magazine. The June issue features 19 pages of content (which has been mostly crammed into hard to read text walls in a mediocre layout): sounds promising, doesn’t it?

Prodigy Game Magazine, issue 2

FUN FACT: Did you know that its almost been a year since the Nazi-zine post?’ It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for… the PGM is back. We here at the ProdigyGM would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas. Christmas is the time to show love, because God showed love to us by bringing him his son Jesus Christ. Now that was the good news, here is the bad news. We will not Read more…

Gnazine returns… as Prodigy Game Magazine

ProdigyGM have returned with a new Game Maker Magazine. After their unsuccessful attempt with the unfortunately titled gNAZIne last year which managed just two issues. “We are not politically correct at all. We give out intense news, previews, and reviews.”

GMB is now officially “immature”!

Who wants to print this out and frame it? Addition: And the person claiming that this blog is immature just happens to be flaming me in the comments 24/7.

High scorez

…Fix them already, Nate! EDIT: It’s about time the instructions go off: please do not advice people on how to exploit their script. – t, 23:28 GMT +2, 31 Dec. 2007

Gnazine, Pt. 2

And gNAZIne, my Game Maker magazine of choice returns with a stunningly awesome second issue! This issue contains 12 whopping pages of quality text, and best of all, free advertisement to Markup, GMTech, GMTV and some other parties. What’s even better, there are no movie reviews in this time: just plain GM material (with the exception of a small rant, “Real web programmers use Notepad” near the end of the issue). Great effort has also Read more…