Persistence presence of puzzles perplexes me

GameMaker Tech have dropped them, MarkUp have never had them, but the smaller and less established magazines love them – I’m talking about word puzzles and games. The kind of things you would expect to find on the back of newspapers or in a young child’s comic. The crosswords, wordsearches, mazes and spot the differences of the GameMaker magazine world.

Is it time to deprecate mplay?

NPT thinks so. He has decent arguments: it uses a deprecated part of the DirectX API — and not even the newest version of it. Read his full post. He also suggests YYG to make 39DLL an official extension. What do you think? (essential request for comments: check.)

GMTV 3 detailed review

…by everybody’s favorite [sic] writer. I have to say, to begin this with, the third episode greatly increased the quality of GMTV compared to the past two episodes. I won’t be jumping into the technical aspects until the end — I’ll focus on the content. The main content in this episode is reviewing the 10 “best games” for YoYo Games’ winter competition. The review system seems to have changed according to the criticism received. During Read more…

YoYo Games: what would make the website much better

I’m not quite satisfied with the website: it certainly is lacking in many, many directions. And it has been having numerous of stability problems in the last month. I have written a complete list of necessary improvements to, for everybody. I will divide these arguments into multiple categories: “Profile” and “Gaming”. Profile will contain criticism on the profile & user system of the site. Gaming will contain more criticism on the gaming section Read more…