Official GameMaker Asset Store Opens

The long-awaited GameMaker Marketplace has officially opened. Today the asset store was soft-launched by YoYo Games, the developers of GameMaker Studio. Publishers will be able to sell a variety of assets on the marketplace, including graphics, audio, scripts, fonts, shaders, and extensions. YoYo Games describe the store as a “one-stop-shop for developers to access all of the amazing game making resources created by members of the GameMaker community.”


GameMaking Resources is one of the many sites offering free resources for Game Maker projects. Handily the service is more dynamic than most sites which tend to just provide page after page of alphabetical resources listings. You can comment on and rate resources and a handy indicator specifies whether or not you need to give credit to the resource’s creator during your game. You can choose to view resources that have been created for specific Read more…