YoYo Games Rating system to Change

Many people have moaned at the GMC about what they view as inadequacies with the rating system on YoYo Games. Whilst this is a relatively trivial matter for most of us the conspiracy of the so-called ‘downraters’ appears to have got under the skin of plenty of GameMaker users. In a move that may please these users Mark Overmars has announced that the rating system will change and YoYo will move to a more traditional Read more…

Have YoYo Games improved the quality of GameMaker games?

A quick look at the 20 most played games on YoYoGames.com reveals a host of totally playable games with decent graphics and sound effects which have obviously had some serious time invested in them. Some of the most popular games on YoYo Games.com Have there always been this many high quality GameMaker games and has the creation of the YoYo Games website simply brought them to more prominence, or has YoYo helped to increase the Read more…

Fx 3.0.1 – No Instant Play (+ solution)

After making their Instant Play plugin compatible with version 3 of Firefox I don’t expect YoYo will be pleased to see that there has been a new version of Firefox released – version 3.0.1.

Instant Play now Fx 3 compatible

Finally. Sandy:  “My apologies for the prolonged delay in getting this done.”

YYG to finally make Instant Play Fx 3 compatible?

YoYo Games’ Sandy Duncan has announced that a fix for their instant play feature to make it compatible with FireFox 3 will be released “July 15th midday (UK time)” – almost a month after the new version of the browser was made available for download. Were they spurred on by the recent open letter from Connor Wilkins? Either way we will have to wait and see if everything is ready and working by midday.

Lack of YYG updates brings open letter

GameMaker Community member Dr. Watz0n has posted an open letter to YoYo Games on his blog. The letter states his frustrations with the lack of updates provided by YoYo Games and the broken promises that they have made to users of their GameMaker software.

Sandy speaks: GameMaker 8 in 2009

CEO of YoYo Games Sandy Duncan has revealed some interesting information about the future of YoYo Games and GameMaker, not through his glog, but during an interview with ThatVideoGameBlog. Sandy also provided the story behind the get-together of YoYo Games Ltd and GameMaker something I had not known previously. ThatVideoGameBlog: What were some of the other factors that inspired you to create a social platform for budding casual game designers? Sandy Ducan: To be honest Read more…

YoYoGames.com is worth $696,640

Many of you have probably seen people trying to flog off third-rate domain names claiming to have had them appraised and valued at ridiculously humongous sums. DNScoop is actually one of the reasonable sites out their valuing websites based on their Page Rank, number of incoming links and age of domain amongst some other figures. Crazy GameMaker domain valuations were first brought to my attention when Gamez said that GMShack.com was worth $80. Personally I Read more…