YoYoGames’ Forum o’doom

on September 9, 2007 - 1898 Views

The one half-decent thing that the YoYoGames forums had going for them was the fact that members were not allowed signatures.

However, this rule has changed so now we look forward to tacky animated banners and huge images on an already slow site, oh joy.

Quite why YoYoGames needed their own forum I don’t know. The Q&A section is supposed to be used to ask the YoYoGames staff questions (they already have a slow responding helpdesk [1] [2] [3]), but instead is taken up with people who are unable to navigate themselves to the Novice questions and answers section of the GMC.

They haven’t added adverts to the forum,… yet. And they shouldn’t need to with the amount of traffic they are already getting on the rest of the site. Expect them to go up next week then.

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One Response to YoYoGames’ Forum o’doom

  1. Rusky says:

    Well, the forum might have been a good idea if they’d waited until they got a lot of non-programmers going there, it seems to be targeted toward them.

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