Personal Attack (This post is late)

I was hesitant about posting negative things about an individual, yes I have done it about games and websites in the past which is actually what led to change my mind. A forum username may provide an idea of who someone is, especially if they have filled in their profile details or have used the same ID elsewhere, but then a forum username can often easily be found from a game or website. Anyway, this shouldn’t be too negative as most of what I am reporting is fact rather than opinion.


This started in the GMC when mrsmes appeared to post indiscriminately on the constantly bumped GMTech topic and the MarkUp topic in the Community section of the forum. Accusations were made that both of the magazines were late, MarkUp certainly wasn’t (I can’t be sure about GMTech as their publishing schedule seems to vary from month-to-month, but MarkUp has been published 7 times in 7 months). Then, even after being corrected by people from the magazines and general forum members, the same point appears to have been made again today by mrsmes on the GMTech topic.

At the MarkUp forum mrsmes came up with an extremely confusing message that seemed to suggest he was in a position of authority in the magazine and again saying that two issues were late.

Two issues were not late. 7 Issues, 7 Months. Simple, isn’t it?

What do you think?

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  1. i just say that you all dont knoe me and i am smart in the area of d&d as i am righting a 10d emulator to be doing all sorts of things that make microsoft scared if we all work toegether and bee freindly to each other we can make it so we are a force in the industy and possibly even get up to 10000d which would be good wen we play games that could surround us in this dimension and make us part of the game but not and then if we loose a life it will be a virtual life not real so i wish you all the best of luck and tell u it doesnt matter if your magazine is late and i thank you for that

  2. I have had a lot of problems with mrsmes (big arguments), and after a short while of searching I realise I’m not the only one.

    Dang. Wish I hadn’t asked to stop our argument, I was getting through to him. A little bit.

    Anyone know why he calls me irwin? I can’t find anything on that…

  3. Actually, that could very well be, Eyas. Just as a notice, he just recently sent me a message wondering who he should “interview” for Issue 4! Perhaps one of us could compose a PM for him that someone understanding english could easily decipher, but Google Translator can’t.

  4. He was on the GMTech contributor list.. and he *plans* to contribute to markup. I don’t know what he contributed to GMTech nor the quality of what he contributed.. but I remembered finding the subject interesting when I originally saw it.

  5. That’s the thing: I realy don’t think he reads the issues! He just looks at the layout, maybe tries to read, notices the page count maybe, and sees the positive comments written, and become ‘interested’ in participating and/or writing for the magazine.

  6. I have been watching this guy “mrsmes”, it seems he has no idea what is going on. It’s funny how he posted saying that issue 8 and 9 is late only 1-2 weeks after issue 7 was released.

    As Grego said, this is probably a prankster, a very annoying one at that. I’m not sure what his goal is by posting the fake late notices, but all it would be doing is giving both MarkUp and GMT a bad (false) impression to all the new readers that we are both late.

  7. This is the sort of thing that brings our magazines together – we both are annoyed by the same people =D

    But I’ve had beef with mrsmes for a while and I really can’t see how he/she can get so confused by things. I’m guessing it’s a prankster. I don’t think anyone could be told that many times how wrong they are and take no notice of it…

    If it’s a prankster, it’s a very unfunny one. Elsewhise, I suppose it could be a 9 or 10 year old…

  8. Yea, I noticed mrsmes kept making comments like ‘finally’ the issue is out and things like that – it was kinda funny because he/she kept going between Markup and GM Tech topics posting things like that.

    Well it looks like this person has not learned

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