Justice Prevails?

In a bit of GMC member news, rumour has it that the infamous GMC member, nateistoraw has been banned from the forums!

Sadly, I can tell you no more details as that is all I’ve been told (by the man himself). It seems likely to me that his warn level worked its way up to 100% and he was removed.

 Nate is particularly well known as an annoyance to other members. Whilst some claim he’s merely “misunderstood” others seem to have taken a personal vendetta against him. But no-one can argue that over the year and a bit spent on the GMC, Nate has made a bit of a name for himself…with a substancial number of closed topics!

It is not yet known whether Nate has been banned or what is happening to him soon. But to many, it seems that he’s finally got what’s coming to him!

What do you think?

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