YoYoGames Disqualified!

Despite receiving around 25% of the nominations YoYo have failed to reach the final 10 nominations for Mashable’s Open Web Awards, disqualified because the nominations “came from the exact IP address several times.” YoYo’s James Peddie doesn’t seem to be too pleased, and if I were him I wouldn’t be either.

In my opinion these awards will always attract the most nominations for bigger sites and those which have a strong community spirit rather than the best sites. YoYo for example asked the community to vote for them and many did , hence their large number of votes in the closing few days of the competition. There seems to be a “vote for us because you don’t know about anyone else” attitude when ideally in a fair awards programme people would take time to check out all the sites on offer.

I expect in a few days YoYo will ask for your vote in something else…, but not at Mashable.

What do you think?

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  1. I just had my World of Warcraft account hacked… I got my password changed the next day, but the only change I could discover was that two of my low level characters had been deleted and replaced with ones named “Yoyogame” that hadn’t even been logged in. Were they maybe planning to log them in and spam advertisements?

  2. I was just reading the replies on the site (GMC) and seriously, are they a bunch of three year olds.

    It appears that they can’t take no for an answer, and that it was all mashables falt. The other half are either complaining about the look of mashable, or how they’ve never heard of it before, or how they want to “mass-close” their accounts so that they don’t support it.

    Firsty, mashables design looks alot better then Yoyo’s (They actually thought about ad placement, and their site loads 10x faster then yoyo.

    I had heard of it before, and will continue to support it.

    That place (GMC) makes me so angry.

    /rant 😛

  3. oh boo hoo, YoYo Games is such a horrible entrant for “Web 2.0 awards” this doesn’t even matter.

    Oh, wait, the whole *website sucks!* It does NOT deserve to be even nominated!

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