Smarty backs down

One of the more popular GMC staff members, Smarty has decided to get demoted to “member” status.

This was posted and pinned by KC LC at the GMC. Here is the topic. Smarty was a great administrator and he knew alot about what was going on. As KC states in the post: “all the staff turned to Smarty for advice about rule interpretation, moderating decisions, and guidance about their general behavior”.

The post does not have much information about why he decided to do so but states that Smarty indented it to be more hidden but KC LC thought it was necessary to share this information with the GMC.
However, it was the “Gmbed” topic where Smarty posted, stating why he was leaving. It seems like Smarty has resigned all because of the frustration with the members and their “self-overestimating egos” and “copy-cat mentality”. But why would and Administrator quit because of one topic? Why didnt he just close it and move on? There could possibly be more to the story.

This story was first reported here at GameMaker Blog on April 1st, where we said it was unlikely to be an April Fools prank.

What do you think?

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  1. Tuntis, I have a great deal of respect for Smarty. I’ve more or less left the GMC and yoyogames (yoyo especially) for good because of the decline of quality users. It’s a shame. The community used to be a pretty good one. Now it’s hardly worth typing it in my address bar.

  2. I think the GMBed topic was kind of the final straw.

    In my opinion, Smarty was likely getting sick of the constant bickering between YoYo Games/Mark Overmars and GMC users.

    The GMC users just attack everything YoYo Games says or does as if they own the company and should make the decisions.

    And on the other side of the argument, Mark Overmars is going around posting comments which do not help the discussion and only cause members to feel as though YoYo Games doesn’t care about them.

  3. The topic in question was merely the one to cement his decision, this is something Smarty has been thinking about privately for a long time. I’m amazed he stuck with it as long as he had; as job, running the GMC is beyond thankless. I doubt we’ll hear much more from Smarty on the matter, which is absolutely his decision. He doesn’t owe us any explanation.

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