April Fools Watch

It’s April 1st, commence the normal jokes of bad-taste and announcements that people aren’t quite sure whether or not to believe.

Smarty resigns from the GMC?

“The sheer self-righteousness with which members of this community approach someone else’s intellectual property, the self-overestimating egos, the copy-cat mentality, the visciousness with which they dare to accuse the property owner of sabotage and their disability to value YYG’s merits simply for their own profit, as well as the herd behaviour to sway with opinions in blissful ignorance, has shocked me. It doesn’t help me that Mark generalises all comments upon YYG’s intentions as unknowing, without demistifying those intentions. Not only does this render the whole discussion as pointless, it also does not feel in support of the members who have made an effort to bring a more balanced view to the discussion.

All parties have disappointed me. I no longer wish to work for the members of this community and I will take due action.”

April fool?

Doesn’t look like it. “I suppose April Fool’s day is not the best day to resign. But I am serious.Smarty has been moved to the GMC-Members group.

GMNews: GameMaker for consoles?

GameMaker News have reported details on a “GMConsole” project which will port GameMaker games to xbox, playstation, wii, ds and any manner of other consoles. With recent official news that a Mac version is on the way, a Linux version maybe on the way and the fact that YoYo are considering the possibility using the iPhone SDK it is a lot more plausible than if it was written last year.

April fool?

Yes. “Too bad it’s AF today” and the specified GMC member does not exist.

GMTech giving away $1000

An obvious April Fool. At least put some effort into it guys!

MarkUp Issue 13

A low quality release with little content, although this time I think it was deliberate. 😛
Expect GMTech’s April fool issue to be released on April 2nd, when it will receive a better reaction.


The Snowmoon community is offering admin rights to the first 10 people who want them. Must be my lucky day 😛

What do you think?

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  1. Im a colleague of phil in school (lucky me!), and i can officially say phil’s sense of humor is very malformed, he hates april fool’s jokes. And thats the reason for the sour sound of this post. You have been warned!

    p.s. other phil trivia: he also hates checks (as in bank checks, hes not a racist (atleast as far as i know))

  2. I just asked him and he really is leaving the admin group for ever….:(
    Also i think that that article by GM News was very unprofessional (not saying that they are professional).
    that is why i only read the “better” and more “reliable” source of GM information.

GMBed: (Illegally) Embedding Games

MarkUp 13 released