I Pity the Fools

A quick round up of various April Fools’ themed stupidity that can currently be found on Game Maker websites.

  • The GMC admins appear to have been busy authoring fake posts using various user accounts in a new “GMC Off-Topic” section of the forum.

    “The GMC has a new forum called GMC Off-Topic. Membership is by invitation only, according to 3 criteria.
    In order to post there, members must fit into at least ONE of these categories:
    1. Be revered and admired by most GMC members and Staff… or
    2. Provide insightful and scathing criticism (that’s deserved)… or
    3. Have absolutely nothing useful to contribute.

    If you fall into one of these categories, you may be selected to participate in the Off-Topic Forum. If not, just use the regular GMC.”

    Some of the created posts (which actually appeared before April Fools day) were quite amusing.  The first posts came from NakedPaulToast berating the creation of such a forum, Frederick saying how great the section would be to promote his radio show, a post about porting Game Maker to toasters from a member whose previous posts had all been in a Game Maker on Linux topic, and Caniac, whose avatar features him wearing a hockey Jersey, slagging off American hockey teams.

  • Rather than delete the irrelevant and totally unsuitable posts at the forum they manage, the YoYo Games forum moderation team decided to create a fake moderators only forum and make it visible to all site users.  It probably won’t surprise you that the first two none-moderators to post in it thought it was real.  Discussions included mentions of a decent click the clown game, an idea for the planned removal of the hell-hole that is the general chat forum and discussions of various fictitious ports of Game Maker.
  • GMVision claim to be closing due to a lack of available funds to renew their domain name.   No videos have been released for a long time and the gmvision.tv domain name expires in 4 days so there may be a degree of truth to this one.
  • Overbyte magazine posted claiming they were switching from monthly releases to become an annual publication.
  • Game Maker Games have made a Christmas skin their default forum skin (for logged in members only)
  • The Adrenaline website claims a hippy version of the game, titled Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, is on the way.

Also on Game Maker Blog:  See how little community members have matured in the last two years.

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