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Game Maker on Wii? Comp05 Deadline. Grabeorama. Gazette sold.

  • The deadline for submissions to YoYo Games’ handheld-game themed competition was last night (midnight GMT between the 30th and 31st, not 24-hours earlier as reported elsewhere).  In total there were over 500 entries, with approximately half uploaded during the last day of the three month contest.  It will take some time (and patience!) to play through the entries and decide on the winning game and 2nd and 3rd placed submissions.  A video featuring 25 of the earlier entries can be found here.
  • There has been a small discussion regarding a runner Aragon1029 is working on to enable Game Maker created games to run on the Wii homebrew channel. Here is a video of it in action on a very basic game. Writing last week Aragon1029 said, “I should be able to release a very basic converter before the month’s over”.
  • In media news the Game Maker Gazette blog is reporting that it has been sold for $150 to GMIndie.

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  1. Actually, come to think of it. I was talking to the now retired mod Yourself back in 2007, and he was saying that something like WiiCore was impossible. He said it would require the entire game to be rewritten, and used a lot of sarcasm and hate speak!
    Looks like I was right, something like this can be done.

    Take that Yourself!

    Also, GMIndie is now paying 5 cents for every credit in there works, I wonder were my 10 cents is then?

Video: 25 Competition 5 Entries

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