GMTV competitor appears

GM Code Project logo. The GM Code Project is a new “Game Maker webshow”. You can see episode 1 here.

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My name is Zach Hext and I am proud to introduce, GM Code Project, the newest webshow about creating games with Game Maker! Throughout the show, we step you through actually creating a game, and explain how some of the gml scripting language works. Code Project will also feature scripts and tutorials submitted by other users on the GMC Forum. Take a look and I hope you enjoy!

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  • Heh, yeah, I checked to see if this “Zach” Was our “Zack”….nope.

    He does have a nice voice though 🙂

    And, I agree with Eyas, they follow a different user group, so it’s not really a competitor. Although, if I could recommend that they use FLV instead of WMV, it would allow better looking presentations. CamStudio is nice.

  • Zach Hext.. hm… wasn’t he at the second episode of the Audcast?

    Speaking of audcasts.. what happened to them?


    I dont see the GM Code Project as a competitor for GMTV, they approach the community in different perspectives, hence “code project” versus “game reviews”.

  • I thought his voice was irritating – kind of semi-broken-but-not-quite-done-yet. I prefer GMTV for now, but will have to wait and see which is better if/when the second episode of this and the fourth episode of GMTV emerge.

  • Wow! I think he used my Topdown tank sprites. (Some old sprites I had put on my site)
    I can’t be sure because the screen is so small.

    Not bad, it might be useful for beginners.

  • It’s ok, however I have a couple of criticisms.

    The intro was far too long… It could easily be cut down to about 10 seconds (from ~45)

    I’m almost positive the music in the video was not in the Public Domain, nor do I believe Zach has permission to use it. Also there was not any credits mentioning what music was used.

    The other problem is the video is so small and the resolution is so tiny that it’s impossible to make out what anything says on the screen capture making it a bit difficult to follow a long.

    Just my opinion.

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