Third YoYo Competition launched

YoYo Games have officially launched their third competition. The theme for this competition is ‘cooperation’ which was nominated and voted for by members of the GMC a while back. Users have been waiting a long time for the judges to finish competition 2 and announce the start of for competition 03. The deadline this time is August 24th, 2008, and the prizes are kept the same as for the previous competitions.

However, YoYo Games states some things that might change some people’s plans:

“We’re still looking for great casual gameplay, to achieve this the game will need to be playable in one-player mode.”

This may be a road block to some users who were planning on just making a small MMORPG or using game servers to allow players to play online with other users. YYG has also said the following about MMORPG, and online servers:

It would be unwise to try to make a “massively multiplayer” online game, and very unwise to make a game which relies on servers which are not always online.

As for the results of the last competition they are mentioned in this article.

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