YoYo Games will finally allow users to delete their own games again

In December of last year YoYo Games removed the option that enabled their members to delete games they had uploaded.   Mark Overmars responded to the critiscim of the decision by saying that users should not have to delete their games, however the decision has been reversed today with CEO Sandy Duncan commenting “no idea why or how we took this away, but we did…now it’s back” on the issue.

What do you think?

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  1. There should at least be something in between though. If they allow you to delete a game, and it automatically gets deleted when you press the delete button, then that piece of their EULA is meaningless. And I believe they should reserve that right as a website that is based on its uploaded content. Perhaps they should put a “Reason” field, and determine if your game should indeed be removed. Or games that have over a certain play count and rating can’t be removed.

  2. I said SHOULD be enough. YoYogames shouldn’t remove my ability to remove games. I understand that by uploading my game I gave them that right. It doesn’t mean they have to force every game of every user to remain on the site. I’m talking from the point of view of what is best for the community as a whole. If yoyogames cares about it’s users, they would return us the ability to delete them. (Which they have, thumbs up to YoYogames)
    The police (At least in the USA) have the right to pull over every car on the road and check for drivers licenses and insurance. However, if they did it to every single driver every single day I don’t think you would have a lot of happy people. Just because someone has the right to do something, it doesn’t mean they should do it.
    Plus, just go back to the post where they first removed it. There were a number of very good reasons (At least for me, but I personally cannot stand to have a wip hanging around once a finished game is out).

  3. “The simple fact that I might want to remove my game for no reason whatsoever should be enough of a reason for me to be able to delete my game.”

    Yes, but by uploading, you agreed to let them have your game on their site indefinitely and agreed to the rest of their EULA as well. So that is not a good enough reason.

  4. Mark’s points were lame. The simple fact that I might want to remove my game for no reason whatsoever should be enough of a reason for me to be able to delete my game. (A a large number of people came up with perfectly good reasons.)
    When they announced they were removing the feature, they will never know how close I came to removing all of my games from yoyogames. (I was going to upload a simple GM file in place of my games with only an explanation why the game was no longer there)
    The only reason I didn’t was because of the Quote Connor Wilkins provided. I am extremely happy to have the feature back.

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