April Magazine and Video Launches

This month should see the release of the first issue of two new Game Maker magazines as well as “an informative Game Maker video show”.

The first magazine is Game Maker Venture produced by a team including Joshua Pedroza (Caniac) [apparently he is not involved in the project –  just the hosting of the website], Naseem Usmani (grimmjow) and edited by Game Maker Community moderator Frostblade.


Welcome to the Game Maker venture website and blog, exploring the constantly growing Game Maker universe. Join us we delve in on every competition, every gam[e] and all the latest news from YoYo Games (YYG) and the Game Maker Community (GMC). Our aim is to be the No. 1 source of information on anything related to Game Maker whether it be news, interviews or reviews. We hope you enjoy reading our articles and magazine as much as we do creating it, thank you on behalf of the GM Venture team.

The magazine should be released “every month or so”.  Much of the content of the first issue, including an “exclusive interview” with the creator of Iji, has now been posted on the website.  Does this make the pdf worthless?

Next is a magazine from one of the Game Maker Interview sites.  Little information is known about this but GMDI is due to be released on April 20th.

gmvision-logoFinally we come to the resurrection of Caniac’s gmCast idea.  GMVision is an online video show which will contain similar material to that which has been included in past episodes of Dan Eggers’ GameMaker TV which last released in January.  GMVision has certainly been a long time in the making so hopefully viewers will not be disappointed.

The second issue of Darren Poole’s KwikLook magazine is also due to be released before the month is out.

What do you think?

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  1. Caniac, your site doesn’t validate btw (it says valid XHTML, but it doesn’t validate). Also, good job, but I couldn’t find a download link for anything, maybe I’m just not looking hard enough but it shouldn’t be that difficult.

  2. Thanks, I appreciate the positive blog post, and I hope that people will not be dissapointed. We will release very soon, and don’t worry, there is more content on the pdf that isn’t on the site.

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