Sandy to Respond to Logo Suggestions before end of week

A week ago Sandy said he was open to evolutions of Albert Zak’s winning Game Maker 8 logo design.  Logo competition finalist Martin Crownover then hosted an instant runoff vote at the Game Maker Community between 19 designs (some of them very similar).  The three top-rated designs were emailed to Sandy and are shown below in the order they ranked [click to enlarge].

Pacman G - Game Maker 8 Logo Suggestion

The second and third ranked designs are very similar and have a greater resemblance to Albert’s winning design.

Shine - Game Maker 8 Logo Suggestion

Green Smile - Game Maker 8 Logo suggestion

Sandy has said he will respond to the suggestions before the end of the week.

What do you think?

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  1. When I see the top one I think it has a lip cleft or something…I like the colours and professionalism, but it seems a little flawed in that respect.

    The bottom 2 are the ones I voted for (and only those :D). They, I think, are more likely to be chosen by Sandy of the 3. They fit the colour scheme, are well designed, and work with the original concept better.

  2. The Bastard :Would have thought they’d gave us more to choose from. I mean seriously, there were just two options. The smiley or pacman.
    Oh well, at least the pacman one ain’t eyesore.

    Sandy told us that if we had suggestions to offer, they had to include the elements set forth by Albert Zak’s design (smiley and cog). There was no choice but to include some sort of face, and some kind of gear.

  3. Ok, the pacman one is way better but when I looked at the new suggestions on the runner up logo vote it just made me to wonder why can’t they get rid of that darn smiley. All of them were basically the same except for the pacman one.
    Would have thought they’d gave us more to choose from. I mean seriously, there were just two options. The smiley or pacman.

    Oh well, at least the pacman one ain’t eyesore.

  4. The top one is really a work of art, but I think it can be improved. The shape is good, but it’s too dark. I tried lots of different colors for the cog, but black seemed to work the best.
    The lower ones aren’t bad, but they don’t have as much style and “character” (ironically) as the top one in my opinion.

  5. Ouch, GÃ¥s. Not good at all?

    I know everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but I wouldn’t go that far.

    The top logo is a clever design, and I like that it was a mix of many people’s ideas all lumped together into something that worked. We had a lot of strong designs in the running, so like Qon said, it’s hard not to agree with the way the voting went.

    Tip of the hat to Yourself for suggesting a runoff vote. It was a pain in the ass to tabulate, but it worked very well in the end.

  6. The top one is to me an example of intelligent and thoughtful design. It’s clever, stylish and good looking. The bottom two aren’t good at all in my opinion. Too much green, not very sleek.

  7. Top one! Awesome! It doesn’t look exactly like the yoyo green-light_green theme so it’s possible to see that it isn’t yoyo’s logo, it is GM’s. And yes it beats the yoyo-icon also, looks more GM-ish.
    The face in the middle looks happy (not crazy) and pacman-from-the-side-style fits well.

    but the other ones are great as well. If it’s one of these most people will agree 🙂

  8. I voted for the top one in the run-off vote. It was a surprise late entry that really took my eye.

    I really like the way the ‘G’ for GameMaker is also used to represent a sprite. That’s great design work, just there. I also think it’s nice and refreshing and provides a good contrast to the YoYo theme.

    Heck, I even prefer it to Marty’s yoyo logo.

  9. Wow! top one is nice! Took me a while to even realize there was a face in the logo. Man, wish I hadn’t missed that poll. Still I think these are a vast improvement! And they are the three I would have voted for. So nice!
    I really love the top one!

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