Derek Yu’s Spelunky (in Game Maker for PC and coming soon to xBox Live Arcade) has been attracting a lot of attention on Indie Gaming sites recently whilst remaining noticeably absent(??) from and the official Game Maker Community.

Spelunky is a platform game in which you explore caves to collect treasure.  Each game is different as the caves are regenerated every time you play.  You go around fighting enemies, avoiding obstacles, opening chests and collecting rewards.  The game comes complete with a level editor and it is easy to share user created levels with other gamers.

The  was listed in Gamasutra’s list of the 99 best free games of 2009 and was awarded first place in Bytejacker’s Free Indie of the Year Awards.

The source code (in Game Maker 8 ) was released on Christmas Day and can be downloaded here.

What do you think?

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  1. Derek Yu is an admin (or something similar) at TIGSource, so it’s obvious why most of the game’s attention has been from them and sites like them.

    Also, why was it tagged as inappropriate/incomplete? I can’t think of any objectional content it might have, and even the pre-1.0 builds were VERY playable.

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