YoYo Games Virus Scanner Defective

As a quick warning, uploading games on YoYo Games currently appears to present you with the Virus Scanner account telling you (via the usual private message as well as an email notification) that your game has been deleted and an administrator informed due to a “virus having been found”. This has been affecting uploads for a while now – the latest uploaded game successfully uploaded to the site was yesterday.

Do not edit any games you have uploaded there until it is confirmed that the problem has been fixed. Doing so also triggers the false positive, resulting in the game being similarly deleted from the site completely. I cannot confirm whether this will result in your game(s) and their ratings, comments and reviews being gone permanently or if the information will be recoverable by the company.

I’ll keep you all updated on the status in this entry, though it may be as much as a couple of days until its resolution as the company will not be at work again until Monday morning.

Update: The scanner appears to be working as normal again.

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