New Magazine: GMAG

Grabeorama has released the first short issue of GMAG which he will “strive to make a bi-weekly magazine”.

Issue 1 .zip download

The first article is a preview of Grabeorama’s upcoming game Shoot a Shape 2 for which there is a playable demo.  Next up is a brief piece about Game Maker for PSP with the author pointing out that people (not us!) may have overlooked the fact that these games could be playable on the PS3.

The magazine uses content from Grabeorama’s reviews site but Grid Defender 2 is the only game reviewed in this first issue.

The content is minimal but the fuss free design makes it very readable and, unlike many Game Maker magazine launch issues, it appears to have been proofread.

What do you think?

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  1. @Andrew McCluskey: I’ll try to eliminate spelling errors from the next issue, I’ll admit I rushed it a little at the end.

    @Coolist: Thanks, glad you liked it! Sorry for taking you’re topic XD

    @Jack Brockley: The spell checker I’ve been using for some reason doesn’t work, so I’ll have to proof-read the next issue twice. Glad you liked it too 🙂

    @Mcoot: Overbyte is a quality magazine, I’ve read all issues to date and it’s this quality I’d like to try and match someday. However, as Jack Brockley mentioned, at the moment I’m working on it alone, and I’m still in school so I don’t have all that much time to work on it. I’m glad you liked it too though.

    Thank you all for reading, and Issue 2 will be released on May 15th 😀

  2. Not a bad magazine. In my eyes, probably not as good as Overbyte, but it has a simple layout that’s easy to read, if not the prettiest.

    I only spotted one spelling error (professional – as pointed out by NAL above), which is extremely rare for a game maker magazine.

    In any case, good work Grabeorama!

  3. Spot the errors: “trying to create a online magazine”; “on the relivent forum topic”; “If you payed”; “seem more proffesional” 🙂

    It is a promising publication, though. And obviously I can respect the fact that this was written and published by only one person.

  4. Definitely a good start, but there’s room for some improvement. There are still a few spelling errors dotted around (eg. “proffesional”), and some more trivial stuff – talking about “Yoyo” and “gamemaker” when they’re pretty much always typeset as “YoYo” and “Game Maker”.

    I disagree with GMB being slower than GMG though. Whenever I’ve written any news they’ve always been here first. Although GMB doesn’t have timestamps (only datestamps) it’s easy to see when these were posted – just check and look for the corresponding entry announcement. Just make sure you’re timezone aware – Twitter does it based on your time whereas GMG is fixed to one of the American timezones.

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