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PSP Game Maker Games Playable on PlayStation 3

As reported earlier on Game Maker Blog, the latest employee of YoYo Games, Mike Dailly, was publically announced earlier today. In the glog entry for this announcement, a link was provided to Dailly’s personal blog. Not so long ago, he made a blog entry there about his position (“Head of Development”), amongst other things. One piece of information contained within was the following:

“Of course on top of this, you also have the minis being playable on the PS3, which is really cool. This means we should be able to get Game Maker games onto the PS3 as well, although perhaps one day… a real PS3 Game Maker HD might even be on the cards… only time will tell – now how cool would that be?”

All PlayStation Network minis, which are the division of games Dailly noted PSPGM games would be headed to (which has been rumoured ever since the restrictions on Competition 05 entries were announced), are playable on PlayStation 3 as well as PlayStation Portable.

The idea of a Game Maker HD is also an exciting concept, though it’s merely speculation right now.

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  1. What about wii and ds and xbox? I’m sure it would be easier to port gml to xna as xna is so close to c#, and gmaker is probably coded in c# (im guessing) or vb (both are very similar), PSP uses a totally different platform, whereas game maker is made on basically the same platform as xbox games, c#/vb.

  2. Well, they aren’t “new additions” yet…simply words on a screen. Who knows if any of these port considerations will actually pan out? PSP looks promising for GM developers, because it is easy to downgrade a game to work at small resolutions with limited effects, and whatnot, but upgrading to high resolution makes graphic quality harder to achieve and GM harder to work with, and therefore PS3 is not such a good premise for GM developers IMO.

  3. Ah ! I see ! I guess some quality control and testing by different parties would prove judgement on the final decision. It would be nice if anyone had the chance to submit a game, an X-Factor ( Game Maker Game Factor ) might be an interesting way of doing things. Some of the Mini’s are good value for money, starting from 1 GBP in the UK. I wouldn’t mind creating a something that would sell for such a starting price, everyone should be given the chance, even if it meant the product had a Sony License and wasn’t sold through the PSN Store.

    • I’m not sure on how exactly it would work. My theory, as a result of what has been said, is that all PSP game development will be performed within YoYo Games by its employees. Games made in the PC version will then either be chosen at the company’s discretion, or chosen from suggestions or submissions from the public, and ported over to it.

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