Domain Expiration leaves UpUrLoad files unavailable

Rather fittingly given my recent comments about the lack of reliability that exists if choosing a Game Maker specific file host, the domain name has expired.  This renders the 1,900 uploaded files unavailable.

I think we will see it back online again shortly though as the service has rapidly been gaining popularity and I have seen active development on the site within the past couple of days.

Update (9th May): The domain has now been renewed and the site is back online.

12 Replies to “Domain Expiration leaves UpUrLoad files unavailable”

  • Glad this could get fixed (or at least should be fixed.) I hate visiting sites only to find that generic layout that tells me the domain no longer works.

  • **NEWS UPDATE** Unfortunately the expired alert was being sent to an inactive email account. I have now renewed (and paid) for the domain and it should be back up in less then 24 hours. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Called it! Post number 3 on the GMC topic, I called it. I feel so special. 😛

    Too many free hosts out there; people get overly confident they can handle hosting an upload site. I hate that I’m still finding WHFF links, I know that eventually (if not from now, on) it’ll be the same way with UpUrLoad. Sad, really.

  • You’d think they would’ve been smart enough to renew the domain before its expiration date.

  • The page it now displays suggests it got swiftly taken over by cybersquatters and will now cost the site’s runner a fair bit of money to get back. It adds to that theory that a quick check brought “” up as “Taken”.

    However it goes, it’s a blow, and makes me glad that when WHFF died I moved onto Mediafire, a larger-scale well-known reliable host, than another one run by someone in the GM universe.

    • I don’t think so. After a domain first expires its owner has the first chance to renew it for a number of days before it becomes generally available to anyone.

      Take for example the domain expired on the 30th of April but the old owners (me) info still appears on the WHOIS database and I can renew it from within my goDaddy account. During this period the registrar rakes in the PPC dollars from people landing on the domain.

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