Want to work for YoYo Games? Get to Dundee!

YoYo Games will be one of at least fifteen companies present at the Game In Scotland video-games industry recruitment fair taking place in Dundee this Saturday.

Donna Fordyce, project manager of Game In Scotland said “The videogames sector in Scotland has always been strong, but I don’t think many people are aware of just how large or diverse it actually is.  We have large console and PC game developers, iPhone studios, social gaming studios and everything in between.  Game In Scotland is the only event of its kind in the UK, which gives anyone with an interest in creating videogames, a chance to meet the key companies, find out the skills they’re looking for, hear from studio heads and experts and leave their CV with the companies they’re interested in.”

Also present at the fair will be Realtime Worlds, where Mike Dailly worked prior to joining YoYo, as well as Dynamo Games and Digital Goldfish who specialise in creating games for handheld devices.

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