Game Maker 9 to be written in C#

Since its initial guise as the Animo 2D animation tool Game Maker has been written in Delphi, however GameMaker Blog can reveal that Game Maker 9 will be written in C# which is an object-oriented programming language developed and maintained by Microsoft.

As of Game Maker version 7 both the maker and runner sides of the program consisted of approximately 40,000 lines of code.  It is likely that this has since increased with the release of version 8 which added support for alpha transparency and featured a re-written sprite and code editor.

Wikipedia had incorrectly stated that Game Maker is written in a combination of Delphi and C++.  There is no public C++ runner however the runner being developed which enables Game Maker games to run on the PSP console is written in C++.

What do you think?

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  1. That’s like saying Hotdogs and Pizza taste the same!
    As you’re right about the same framework, it does have a HUGE impact in performance.

    VB.NET was ment for people who wanted to make macro’s in their Excel and Access documents or for something else Windows made (you can do a lot with VB, but if you know C# there is only one real option.

    C# was made for defeating Java (as I read on the internets everywhere)

    • msr :Won’t this make it even slower? A manage language interpreting an interpreted language? I don’t see how this can be a good thing.

      Note the difference between the Maker and the Runner.

      The Maker has nothing to do with the performance of the Runner.

    • Sorry, but that’s ridiculous. While it’s possible to develop applications for many platforms using C++, that doesn’t say anything about the libraries you have to use. A C++ GM would be far less platform-independent than a C# one.

  2. This info is not correct. I hear that YoYo management only sketched out a plan yesterday afternoon, so what you’re discussing hear is interesting, but speculative and inaccurate.

    C# is one of the possibilities for the MAKER , but there’s a distinct possibility that they’ll continue to use Delphi for the foreseeable future. The runner’s future is C++. Any announcements will be made at 🙂

    GMB Edit: IP address incredibly similar to post 4

    • This will mean that it will be exceptionally easy to port the Game Maker editor to the mac or any other Unix based platform (the mono-project has come a long way since its inception, and almost fully supports Windows Forms among other technologies that the GM editor would likely use)

      See for more information.

      EDIT: Meant to say, keep in mind that this is the editor only. The runner will still be written in C++ (such is my understanding)

  3. Could be headed to Xbox too then, huh? Interesting stuff. I’m imagining that YYG could be planning on becoming a game publisher, harvesting the finest games created and uploaded to their website and inking publishing deals with the people who created them. With a runner for major platforms like Xbox or PSP, all they’d have to do is dump in the game content and release it. Seems easy.

    Interesting anyway, regardless of their plans.

    • YYGs business model is quite clearly publishing games on consoles/handhelds. PS3 is apparently very possible if games are accepted onto the PSN for PSP (though I must add I am no expert on consoles). Not sure about xBox but given Sandy’s connections and the switch to C#…
      Sandy writes “In 2010 we will begin an aggressive strategy to become the World’s most prolific publisher of Mobile Games, focusing on PSP, iPhone and Android based devices.”

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