Recently Featured: Remaddening, Dubloon, Rainy Day – Treasurehunt

Our third look at games recently featured on YoYo Games.  All three had been online for at least a couple of months before being featured with Dubloon dating back about a year (though it has had a recent update).

Dubloon by Banov (large download)

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An excellent pixel art point-and-click pirate exploration RPG.  Explore ships avoiding or fighting bad guys, opening chests and collecting items.

You are introduced to new items as they appear in the game by messages in the corner of the screen and instructions are fully documented within the game.  This tutorial style introduction ensures you know what you are doing without overwhelming you with information when you first start playing.

Persistent rooms might get annoying but the route to take is usually pretty obvious thanks to a lot of messages etched into the deck.  If anything perhaps the path through the game is too narrow – I didn’t see any irrelevant items or unconnected quests (though perhaps there are some further on in the game).

A walk-through is also available though I found fighting the bosses harder than solving the puzzles.

Rather amusingly if your name contains a ‘P’ and you choose to type it in rather than the select each letter invidiually you pause the name entry screen.

This game really does have me gripped and is well worth the ~30MB download.  It is the last of this selection I played and the one I enjoyed the most.

Rainy Day – Treasurehunt by Jeff Jensen (first game)

In Rainy Day you play as a blue blob who must find the treasure at the end of a rainbow for your Granddad.  Jump on mushrooms, climb up leaves, squish ants and use umbrellas to parachute downwards safely as you search for the end of the rainbow. Rather worryingly given the rapid rainfall your character can’t swim but water can be avoided by means of floating leaves or by taking a detour.

With colourful well-polished graphics, simple controls and cute characters including a flying ladybird the game must surely be a hit with young children although the second level where you dodge wasps is quite tricky. One annoyance is the sheer number of story messages you receive along your journey but these can thankfully be skipped by pressing [Esc]. The variety of different actions which must be performed to complete your task and well designed graphics ensure you are gripped though the music may just drive you mad!

Remaddening by Andrew McCluskey

Take a successful and already featured circular arcade game and add more game modes, colours and variety and you’ve got Remaddening.

If you have nothing better to do with your time than run around in circles away from an ever faster approaching line then this game is for you!

What do you think?

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