Kirsty Scott is YoYo Games’ Community Manager

Kirsty Scott has announced herself as YoYo Games’ Community Manager in a post at the YoYo Games blog.

Kirsty also posted the first YoYo Games staff photo of Russell Kay, Sandy Duncan, herself and Mike Dailly (l-r in the photo below).

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The announcement wasn’t a surprise as looking back at my large collection of Game Maker Blog images I found a screenshot taken of Kirsty’s Linkedin profile named next-yyg-employee.png and dated 3rd May this year (deduced simply by looking at Twitter followers!).  Still I had no confirmation and people are always quick to jump on anything I say if there if there hasn’t been an official word on it.

On her Twitter account, which has protected updates, Kirsty describes herself as “Ruffian Games Queenie and all round good egg”. I also notice the tactful removal of the link to her personal blog where posts on such delights as ‘The 4 Levels of Slut’ and much bad language can be found.

Some photos were also posted of the currently very sparsely populated YoYo Games office on the University of Abertay campus.  One would imagine some more of those seats might be getting filled very shortly…

What do you think?

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  1. Quite unbelievable. How many more do-nothings can they employ?

    This could be justified if they were expanding, making a profit, or foreseeing a great future,… but none of these are so.

    The community runs itself. Please work on Game Maker!?

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