Official YoYo Games Twitter Account Launched

YoYo Games are finally on Twitter.

You can follow them at @YoYoGameMaker.

And if you aren’t yet following Game Maker Blog(!) then you can do that here: @GameMakerBlog

Several months back there was a fake YoYo Games twitter account which spouted ridiculous nonsense for a couple of weeks before it was closed down.

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  • I think Sandy might have got fed up with the number of contact requests he got on Twitter as it was his personal account (though as you point out it was posted on YYG). I’m pretty sure I saw him send an update (or an @reply) saying something along those lines. He changed his Twitter account ID several times down the line before either deleting it or otherwise removing all his Game Maker related followers.

    They might in fact be changing to @yoyogames as I’m told they weren’t aware it is free!

    • The @YoYoGames username isn’t available for some reason, even though there’s no user under

      Just tried signing up under it and I got “username has already been taken”.

      However, they may be able to get the account under Twitter’s trademark policy.

      “Twitter may release a username from an inactive account for the trademark holder’s active use.” –

    • Think you are probably right.

      When that account was initially being used by some random person who liked to think that they ran YoYo Games YYG had it suspended. I thought we might see them use the account straight away after that but perhaps they just had some lock imposed on use of the name instead and didn’t realise that they can now use the name.

  • Sandy opened up a more personal YoYo Games Twitter account last year and announced it on the Glog.* (@ZanderDuYoYo) Then he closed it a couple of months ago, and now they’re making a new one?

    Why didn’t they just use @YoYoGames from the start? (I know it was available because the fake YoYo Games Twitter used that username. You can’t register it at the moment.)

    Yet another bad move from YoYo Games.


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