iOS Compiler Project Dropped

“When I said that I’d remove it, I meant it, but I forgot that I wasn’t hosting the iOS decompiler, and while I aided in the development I don’t currently hold the rights to remove it.

However, I’ve removed myself from the project (which is something I failed to mention), as a few people may already know, meaning I haven’t touched the source code since I read it.”


“Now that my rage has ended, I have decided to drop the project and stick with my original intentions for the project which was not to harm YYG.

Although I am very disappointed in them for being so unprofessional about it, I actually respect them for the iOS runner they have created.

Still would like to add that we haven’t done anything illegal, but YYG’s wish shall be granted.”


As Sandy said earlier, “em… Happy New Year”. We’re less than a week in to 2011 and have already had one major story, hopefully Game Maker users can spend the rest of the year making quality games!

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  • the people at YYG are becoming more and more like assholes and less of the great people I once thought they were. remind you of apple anyone?

  • How depressing and disappointing. I was looking forward to an ios compiler. Yo yo games can go to hell and burn in the face of failure.

  • Please do elaborate and give the real numbers (or more accurate guesses). The number I’ve provided about Google AdSense was from what my friends who used it told me.

    • I’m thinking that with the recent hires the number of employeed is about 10-15.
      Adsense revenues varies from pennies to alot more per click.

      I can recall Mark O. or Sandy indicating that ad revenue barely covers server costs.

    • OK:

      -They would all be being paid much more than $5 per hour. I’d estimate $15/h minimum.
      -I’m pretty certain they don’t have 50 employees.
      -They do earn some money from ad impressions (views).
      -Ad clicks range from $0.01 – $20.00 per click.
      -1000 * 0.10 = $100

  • This is very disappointing 🙁

    I was really looking forward to playing my game on my iPhone.

    Now I’ll never get to do this, because YYG are too greedy to release or sell the iOS compiler. Dam them.

    I would happily pay a fair bit for the compiler.

  • They get money from selling copies of GM8, but remember, that’s only $25, and I don’t quite think GM8 is selling as well as people think. Remember, YYG has to pay people. Assuming they’re getting $5 paid per hour (below minimum wage here where I live), one registration of Game Maker pays for less than one person’s day of work. And YYG has employed what, 50 people? So just to pay their workers, they need well over $50 registrations per day. And then there are taxes, electricity bills, etc. needed to run an office.

    And they get money not for viewing ads, but for people clicking on ads, and that amount is only 10 cents per click. So 1000 clicks per day on ads yields… 10 dollars. This is from my understanding of Google AdSense, so I might be wrong on the numbers.

    So to those who make it seem that YYG is some massive evil company– it isn’t. They’re going in directions that make money, which is *gasp* the purpose of a company. They should care about the customer, and they are, in a sense, because portability to the iPhone/other handhelds is what we’ve been demanding. That being said, I agree that it would probably be a better business move on their part if they sold the iOS runner to developers for a hefty fee. Then not only are they able to boost their revenue, their profits would not be riding on the success of individual games. Of course, they could still publish games, like they are, which would help give them popularity/a good reputation. My two cents.

  • FredFredrickson :a project like this could have devastated their ability to make money.

    I thought they were already making money selling copies of GM8 and getting traffic to the YYG website? How about selling the compiler to the more advanced users that want it? I’d pay $100. possibly more for the legitimate ability to author iOS games through GM. How could that be a bad thing?

  • Oh man…
    I looked foward to play one of my games on my ipod touch 🙁
    Even if you could not sell it you could just put it on your own idevice just for you.

  • I am surprised this happened so soon. After they vehemently defended their position yesterday, it seemed like they were ready to call YYG’s bluff.

    Probably a good thing that they didn’t though. I don’t think YYG was kidding around when they threatened to come down hard on anyone working on a project like this.

    It wasn’t unprofessional for them at all, either. The law is on their side, and a project like this could have devastated their ability to make money. Who can blame them for trying to defend it?

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