A Game Maker Book to Avoid: Game Maker Language by Alphascript

Don't buy this bookWhen you discover that someone has put their name to thousands of titles on topics as diverse as Laser Engraving, Jet Fuel, the Birds of Switzerland, Audi RS6 oh and Game Maker Language you are right to worry.

Alexander Aris brought to my attention the fact that print on demand publisher Alphascript are selling a copied-from-Wikipedia paperback which masquerades as a guide to GML [|].

The company seems to specialise in grabbing collections of articles off Wikipedia, sticking them into a book barely edited and charging top whack for them (the GML book costs upwards of £30).

A quick Google reveals that they’ve pissed off a fair few people interested in a wide variety of topics (including librarians!) and Alexander is one of the latest to have the misfortune to come across one of their 100,000 plus products.

The hundred page book features Wikipedia articles around and very loosely connected to Game Maker Language including Mark Overmars, the history of Pascal, C++, Microsoft Direct3D and APIs.

To be fair the book does have a small circle splashed on its front cover which states “High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles!” but even so sticking this book on Amazon is cheeky and I presume, given the rate at which they churn out titles, quite lucrative.

On top of that the people responsible for this can’t even decide whether they are called Alphascript or Betascript publishing.

Stay away from this one. If you are looking to learn Game Maker try the beginners level Getting Started with Game Maker or the more advanced Game Maker’s Companion.

What do you think?

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  1. Avoid? I can’t read from the screen for some long period that’s why I prefer reading from paper where I can make notes or something. So the question really is: ‘Is it worthy?’

    Paper, ink,cover, Wiki… Not for me, because my laserjet can do much better and save me some £30))

    “…try (…)the more advanced Game Maker’s Companion”?! Are you mocking or just humiliating? Oh, I see–just advertising.

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