GameSalad Raises $6.1M (Partly from Disney)

The Austin Business Journal reports that GameSalad Inc, creators of the easy iPhone game creation tool of the same name, have raised $6.1 million in their second round of Venture Capital funding. The largest investor was Steamboat Ventures who are owned by Disney.

GameSalad currently have 20 employees are recruiting for another 9 positions.

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  1. First Disney buys Rocket Pack (web-based all-in-one game creation software). Now they are dumping money into GameSalad (web-based all-in-one game creation software). And during the same time-frame, some mystery company spooked YoYo into dropping everything to make an HTML5 runner. I think you see where I’m headed. Is my imagination getting away with me?

    • Probably… 🙂

      Why would Disney want to be involved in three different game making software projects? Then again, why would they be involved in two? Maybe they want to monopolize on the ‘easy game creation’ market and they’re just trying to get friendly with all the current players in it.

      Or, yeah, you could be being a bit too imaginative there.

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