April Fool’s Watch

IGN owned are offering a “Portal 2 Single Player Demo” download which they have promoted across their network of sites.

When downloaded and extracted the 5.66MB file (a far cry from the 975.7GB claimed size!) contains a poorly made platformer created in Game Maker.  The file has already been downloaded over 5,000 times.

The unveiled Game Maker 4 Kids LogoOn the blog Mike Dailly writes that in order to target a younger demographic Game Maker is to have a new logo. He also states that Game Maker 8.1 will be the last version in the current style as it is “as much as most hardcore users will need”.

It’s a mix of the ridiculous and sensible suggestions such as those for the addition of “several new videos and tutorials for getting the younger (and inexperienced) designer up and running” and “allow[ing] you to attach pre-canned behaviors” to objects.

Thanks to BlueMaxima

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