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MoaCube LogoMoaCube are a team of programmers and artists who have released one game and are working on two new titles. Headed by “professional indie developer” Tom Grochowiak they use GameMaker to build their games.

Although a new name, MoaCube essentially consists of those who worked on existing titles alongside Tom.  Magi, a strategy “wizard dueling” game released in 2007, was still selling for around £10 until a promotion started on Sunday.   The game can now be picked up for $5.95 which also includes a 50% discount off the upcoming sequel.    ArcMagi, the more accessible sequel, has been in development since at least September 2009 when issue 17 of Game Maker Tech featured a insight into development of the game.   A couple of other packages are available one of which, for $50, means you will receive copies of all future MoaCube releases for free.

Tom who has worked in the games development industry for 5 years, most recently at Codeminion, founded MoaCube to attempt to make a living from games created using Game Maker after a studio restructuring.  In an interview with Mrme Tom outlined the reasons for his decision to use Game Maker in the studio he founded. “[It’s] a very flexible and fast tool for creating 2d games. Time is of essence for us, and GameMaker allows me to create anything I need in very short time.”

Although ArcMagi is still in the pipeline the recent development focus of the team has been on a new title, Cinders, as Tom deemed ArcMagi to be too ambitious for a first release. Some quite incredible art from their upcoming game Cinders can be found, amongst photography and other art, on the blog of artist Gracjana Zielinska.

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  1. I have been closely following the development of Moacube, especially the development of Cinders. I must say that I am absolutely impressed and cannot wait to see the results!

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