YoYo Updates: TNTBF Free on Android, First Sybmian Release, Sandy Interview

A day after Jacob Habgood’s The Game Maker’s Companion eBook was available to buy at the reduced price of $10, the full Android version of They Need to be Fed is available free on AppJar. The game normally sells for $1 and has now sold over 10,000 copies on Android. The beta version of GameMaker:HTML is also still available at its reduced price of $99. A nice few savings to be picked up.

Simply Solitaire has become the first GameMaker game to be published on Nokia’s Symbian Operating System. Published by YoYo Games Simply Solitaire is available to download from the Ovi Store where it costs £1.

Mike Rose from Gamasutra has published an interview with YoYo Games CEO Sandy Duncan. Most of the details are already known but Sandy states that in future YoYo Games will publish all their games to Facebook and are looking into the SmartTV platform.

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