All Change at GameMakerTech

on November 25, 2007 - 3252 Views

Alex, a well known GMC member, has stepped down from his position as an advisor to the GameMakerTech magazine. Also on the way out is trose7 who had 3 reviews published in the latest issue. According trose7 they were “fired for having an opinion on a game in my review“, although of course this is only one side of the story, Gmjab preferring to call the departure a dismissal. Which is the same as ‘fired’ in my opinion…. Trose will be replaced by Paul Weijtens.

On the other side of the interweb, GMKing have been having problems with their website recently. Especially irritating as normally there are no problems and this is happening just after I included the MarkUp website on my personal statement for university.

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9 Responses to All Change at GameMakerTech

  1. gamez93 says:

    @Calle – Alex wasn’t dismissed, he decided to stop using GM and visitng the GMC and doing other GM related projects (and GM Tech was one of them)

  2. Calle says:

    See, I always thought this was how it worked: authors submit their work, the work is reviewed by editors and then added to the magazine. I’ve never heard about an author who has had to take responsibility for the quality of his creation, those articles simply should never be published… or was this why Alex was dismissed? I’m curious about that too.

  3. gmjab says:

    Saying your “fired” is harsh, Dismissed is a more appropriate way of saying it.

  4. gamez93 says:

    I made a post here, but it dosen’t seem to off apeared yet, Im guessing its because I had a link in it, so I will wait for phil to get round to adding it.

    Although we have lost trose7, its not that bad, as I found a replacement, so it was a simple switch, and paul is ready to write articles, right now.

  5. Leif902 says:

    That’s funny, I recently applied for admissions somewhere to (Georgia Institute of Technology) and used MarkUp and my reviews and writings as part of my application 🙂

    – Leif

  6. gamez93 says:

    who knows……

    I know, There has been some further discussion here – – so you can read there. Eyas, expect an application from him – as he has said he is looking at joining another magazine.

    Alex, was a great member of the team, its pretty sad to see him go.

  7. Robin Monks says:

    Well, I’m more interested that you lost Alex, than trose7 (who, I’m afraid, I never heard of before today).

  8. Robin Monks says:

    Yup, we are looking into some solutions to ensure we have a higher availability. Round-robin DNS is one possible solution we’ll be looking into.

    It’s rather interesting to see, I’ll call it “family issues”, inside of GM TECH. Myself being with MarkUp, I can stand back and laugh at their misfortunes. But it is a serious thing when a large and respected community member leaves a group.

    This provides a little fly-back for me to when PromaneX had to leave GM6 (of course, he left due to time constraints, and not opinions 😛 ). It takes a while to get used to, since you didn’t really notice how much you come to rely on a person until they are gone.

    At any rate; Alex, trose7, best of luck to you on your new ventures!


  9. Eyas Sharaiha says:

    The website is fully back up, as well as the forums [for forums, you have to refresh your cache]. We’re investigating other hosts as we’re concerned about the reliability [although this has only once occurred since the site was launched about two years ago].

    I can’t say that I know trose7, but I have much respect for Alex from what I’ve seen from him. I hope we get more information about that.

    Though being fired for having opinions, or more accurately for harshly reviewing games, does seem silly for me — I know that whoever did it might have had good reasons for it.. who knows, it might be super-harsh, or there might be other factors that contributed to this.. who knows.

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