Game Maker Race Public Vote

on December 8, 2007 - 2324 Views

The GameMakerRace competition has reached its final stage – a public vote.

The final five games are Mount Contradiction, The Meltdown, Orbiter, Triton and Freeze, Melt, Vaporize. All these games have already won their creators a copy of AKUCHIZOKU and a 1GB USB flash drive, but the winner can look forward to a domain name and hosting for two years and two computer games.

To vote you need to visit the GameMakerRace website.

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4 Responses to Game Maker Race Public Vote

  1. Eyas Sharaiha says:

    Hmm.. seems to be a close one. 2 games are fighting really hard on the lead, and another game is slowly getting on the rise and might catch up. The two other games are also getting a sufficient amount of votes, but are going to need more to compete on the first place.

  2. Jelle says:

    Good luck everybody.

    @ Jake Ruston: Thanks 🙂

  3. Jake Ruston says:


    Good luck all five games. Come on The Meltdown 🙂

  4. Robin Monks says:

    And the games are off, it’s Freeze, Melt, Vaporize taking the lead….Meltdown is working it way up, it’s catching up, it’s catching up…….and where did this come from? Triton is now holding the lead! Mount Contradiction is trailing by a hair…this is going to be a close race down here today folks…

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